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The 1st Annual Women in Energy Africa Conference 2014

February 2014

25th & 26th March 2014, Focus Rooms, Sunninghill, JHB, RSA.

Within Africa there is still unquestionably, a gender gap within the energy industry. Women currently represent a fraction of the energy industry’s workforce and are even scarcer in engineering and other technical fields that are the lifeblood of this business.

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Grand Inga project treaty signed

December 2013

SOUTH AFRICA and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed a crucial treaty on the Grand Inga hydropower project. This paves the way for the construction of the muchawaited hydropower station, which is expected to commence in October 2015.

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SADC to establish centre for renewable energy

October 2013
The establishment of a regional centre for renewable energy in southern Africa is expected to increase the uptake of clean energy, enabling the region to address its energy challenges. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has been experiencing power shortages dating as far back as 2006 due to a combination of factors including the lack of investment in the energy sector. This is despite the fact that the region has an abundance of energy sources, particularly renewable energy which, if fully harnessed, could boost power generation in the region. In this regard, SADC countries have intensified efforts on how to exploit its renewable energy resources that range from wind, hydro to solar.

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Construction of the grand Inga Dam to commence in 2015

August 2013
CONSTRUCTION OF the much-awaited Grand Inga hydropower station in the Democratic Republic of Congo is expected to start in October 2015. The Inga project has the capacity to generate more than 40,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough to meet the bulk of the power needs of the SADC region. DRC and South Africa are implementing the power project together with other cooperating partners.

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