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OVERVIEW OF SUPPORT : Finland is supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Southern and East African region mainly through its Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Programme. It runs until the end of 2017. The mechanism in use is a challenge fund with rounds of Calls for Proposals. Since the beginning in 2010, there have been 13 Calls for Proposals, and 225 projects in 13 countries have been funded. The Programme is led by Finland, and also supported by DFID and Austria. We are currently planning a next phase for the Programme to start early 2018.
Embassy of Finland P.O Box 443, 628 Leyds Street, Pretoria 0001, Republic of South Africa Mob: +27 (0)82 449 9938 Fax: +27 (0)12 343 3095
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Project/Programme Start End Financial Support Type of Support DAC/CRS Code Partners/Co-financing

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Expected outcome, indicators of project/programme in ICP Regional Energy Support:

No 2: EEP phase II

- 230,000 households have improved access to off-grid clean energy,

- 10,000 direct jobs created,

- 500MW of total potential installed.

Achievements, indicators of project/programme in ICP Regional Energy Support:

No 1: Project had ended, cooperation with DBSA terminatedNo 2: Some verified results so far and by the end of December 2016;-600,000 Households reached;-more than 6000 jobs created; No 3: Kaprivi Interconnector ended in 2012.

Outcomes/Results in ETG Action Plan, indicators: