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Practical Action
OVERVIEW OF SUPPORT : Practical Action is an International that has a strong heritage, and track record of bringing communities and experts together to find practical, sustainable solutions to enable people to meet their needs, which work for both people and the planet. Technology features in everything we do. In Southern Africa, Practical Action’s strategic energy ambition is to work with communities, strategic partners in governments, private sector and civil society to demonstrate and generate evidence and options to enhance access to renewable energy through renewable energy mini-grids in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique towards meeting social and productive energy demands.
4 Ludlow Rd P.O Box 1744, Newlands Harare, Zimbabwe Phone: +263 4 776631-3
Mr. Kudzai Marovanidze
+263 772 868188

Project/Programme Start End Financial Support Type of Support DAC/CRS Code Partners/Co-financing
No.1 Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities 2015-02-01 2019-01-31 7.1M€ • An EU funded four year project that seeks to upscale rural electrification using solar powered mini-grids which are anchored to underlying economic enablers - irrigation facilities, small agro-business, clinics, schools and households.

• The overall objectives for the project are to contribute to the attainment of the SE4ALL goal that aims to ensure ‘universal access to modern energy services’ in rural areas of Malawi and Zimbabwe and to improve access to modern energy services that contribute to better well-being (economic and social) of rural men and women in Malawi and Zimbabwe while the specific objective of the project is to create an enabling environment for public and private energy actors in Malawi and Zimbabwe to engage in the rural electrification market.

Hivos, SNV, Dabane Trust, Environment Africa, CARD Co-financing: UNDP, OFID, States of Jersey, Grundfos, Hivos, Practical Action
Mulanje Energy Generation Authority (MEGA 2012-06-01 2018-01-01 0.634M€ • Undertaking feasibility study to assess demand, willingness to pay and affordability and identify and assess technical options and design minigrid scheme

• Procurement of plant and support to MEGA in overseeing installation and commissioning

• Working with partners and community to develop ownership and management model and business plan for MEGA enterprise
• Capacity building to partners and community and support to initial operation, maintenance and management of minigrid schemes
• Working with government and regulator to develop minigrid policy and secure first license for sale of electricity from privately owned minigrid to retail users

• Capacity building to local enterprises to make use of electricity for productive purposes and access markets of energy-enabled goods and services

• Baseline survey and monitoring and evaluation of project results and impacts

- Practical Action Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust, Sgurr, MuREA
Enhancement of the Policy, Legal and Regulatory Environment and Capacity Building for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 2018-01-01 2022-01-31 - To support public institutions in Zambia to revise and further develop the policies as well as the institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks for unlocking the potential of renewable energy and to increase energy efficiency throughout the country;
To build capacity of both public and private sector stakeholders to ensure adequate know-how transfer and skills development and support local actors to promote long term and nation-wide supply with cost effective, reliable and sustainable energies.
Usingini Hydro 2017-01-01 2017-06-30 1.25M€ Working with Mzuzu Coffee and local community to conduct detailed feasibility study and designs for installation of a 300kW hydro scheme with coffee and macadamia processing acting as an anchor load. Working with the community and Mzuzu coffee to develop a business plan for the establishment of a social enterprise to manage the scheme - FOCUS, Malawi Polytechnic, Mzuzu Coffee

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