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OVERVIEW OF SUPPORT : 1. Accelerating development of priority regional power project to sustainably bridge the demand/supply gap the region is experiencing
2. Increasing electricity access through renewable energy development
3. Reducing congestion in the SAPP network
4. Interconnecting remaining SAPP countries
Pretoria Office
4442 Rodericks Road,
Pretoria, South Africa

Reynold Duncan
Project/Programme Start End Financial Support Type of Support DAC/CRS Code Partners/Co-financing
No 1: Southern Africa Power Pool - Programme for Accelerated Transformational Energy Projects
2014-11-01 2019-11-01 - - Technical assistance for preparation of priority regional energy projects.
- -
No 2: Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program, Lesotho
2016-04-01 2017-03-01 - - Technical assistance for preparation of an investment plan for for scaling up renewable - -
No 3: Scaling-up Solar, Zambia

No 4: Malawi- Mozambique Interconnector

No 5: Kafue-Muzuma-Victoria Falls Regional Transmission Line Reinforcement
2016-09-01 0000-00-00 - - Partial Risk Guarantee to support private developers

- Credit

- Credit
- -

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Expected outcome, indicators of project/programme in ICP Regional Energy Support:

1. SAPP TA: 3 priority regional projects whose preparation is advanced

2. Lesotho SREP: Investment Plan completed and priority projects decided

3. Zambia Interconnection: Reduced power interruptions, increased access and regional trade

Achievements, indicators of project/programme in ICP Regional Energy Support:

1.World Bank approved a US$20 million IDA grant. Sweden plan to contribute an additional amount (for SAPP and EAPP). The aim is to have a Multi-Donor Trust Fund for SAPP and EAPP

2. For SAPP, a project unit, reporting to SAPP Coordination Centre, has been established in Johannesburg and its staffing is complete.

3. SREP has indicated financing Lesotho dependent on the Investment Plan

4. Malawi/Mozambique Interconnection is under preparation

5. Zambia regional transmission project is underway - targets not yet achieved

Outcomes/Results in ETG Action Plan, indicators: