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Tanzania sets aside US$512 million for rural power

August 2014

THE UNITED Republic of Tanzanian will soon start the second phase of a programme to supply electricity to rural areas following the successful implementation of the first phase.

The rural electrification project, which is being implemented by the Rural Energy Agency (REA) is expected to spend 850 billion Tanzanian shillings (about US$513 million) on the second phase.

REA Project Manager, Advera Mwijage, said more than 17,000 customers had benefit from the first phase. The initial target was 20,000 rural customers.

“When we are finalizing the first phase,” she said, adding that, “we were received extra 20,000 requests.” Mwijage said the second phase is expected to connect over 250,000 rural customers to the national grid.

REA is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.